On Failure


Last Tuesday, our team set aside office work and gathered for a teambuilding seminar.

Unlike our previous activities, however, we spent the day reviewing the basics of sales and exchanging insights about our performance. It was about time that we had this kind of discussion together, as it is a great opportunity to recharge and make sure we are all moving in the same direction as a company.

One of our main topics was this generally pesky concept called failure. You know, when sometimes a situation does not go the way we expected or planned them to? When this happens, we normally ask ourselves: why did it (we) fail? What else, what more, could we have done? What did we not do? What if we did this and not that? Questions, questions.

We all have different opinions about failure. Some people view it as a loss, usually financially, or as a sign of weakness. Others believe that it does not even exist at all. That failure is, supposedly, just a state of mind. However you choose to look at it, I think we can agree that failure is inevitable. Everyone goes and continues to go through it — in their career, relationships, various areas of personal growth. It is necessary, especially if we aim to be successful, and it should not stop us from working harder. We can learn from what went wrong and we will do better next time. There will always be room for improvement, like there’s always room for dessert.

Below are some lessons from the team that might motivate yours as well:

“Keep in mind the reason for our failure.”

“Don’t wait for a memo to give you a wake up call.”

“There’s no excuse for rudeness in the workplace, no matter how wrong they are or how right you are.”

“Failure to prepare is preparing to fail.”

“Cramming does not work for everyone. Know your priorities.”

“Learn when to suck it up, and when to let go.”

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Akubo Tip: How to Merge Contacts

Merging duplicate contacts can be a time-consuming task as you transfer all the update information from one contact to another and delete the duplicate contact.

For this article, we will help you how to merge contacts.

On the main page of Akubo, click the menu icon on the Contacts tile. Then click Helpful Lists, go to Find Duplicates > by Name.



You will see the list of duplicate contacts. If all the information are the same and you don’t have to merge, you can select the contact and click Delete. But if you have to merge contacts, you’ll have to export the contacts, merge them in Excel, and import it back to Akubo. Here are the steps on how to do it:

1) If the duplicate contacts are not yet in group, then it is suggested that you grouped them. On the listing page of Duplicate Contacts, select all contacts then click Add to Group. Create a group of duplicates.


2) On the main page of Akubo, click Others, then Import & Export.

3) On the Export drop down menu, choose CONTACTS to CSV.


4) For contacts to export, choose the group with duplicate contacts. Then choose the fields you want to be included in the exported file. Don’t forget to choose ‘Contact ID’ and ‘Group’.


5) Click Export.

6) You can open the file on MS Excel and you can start merging the information of contacts. When you import back the contacts to Akubo to make it easy to identify which contact to delete, add a group under the Group column. Use comma as a separator.


7) After you merge the contacts on Excel, go back to the main page of Akubo. Click Others and ‘Import & Export’.

8) Under the Import drop-down menu, click UPDATE CONTACTS using Excel or CSV file.


9) Click Choose file and select the exported file that you updated, then click Upload.

10) Next step in matching the columns of the spreadsheet with the fields in the database. Matched columns will be in green.


11) On the Import settings ‘Merge by checking these columns’, select Contact ID.


12) Click Import.

13) To delete contacts, click the menu icon on the Contacts tile and click Groups. Select the ‘delete_contacts’ group and on the listing page, select all the contacts then click Delete.

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Customer Spotlight: Caritas Manila

Caritas Manila logo

The winds had barely blown Haiyan out of the country when various organizations, both local and international, started calls for action. Family members were missing, homes ruined, fear rising, help desperately needed. One of these organizations was Caritas Manila, the social services arm of the Archdiocese of Manila.

In a mission to replace poverty with productivity, Caritas Manila relies on donations and people’s support to, in turn, support more people. With Akubo, they can create reports based on their database to get a bird’s eye view of their donors: who lives in what city, how old they are, which causes they support most, how often they donate, how much, even why.

In the wake of Typhoon Haiyan, the team had immediately sent out email blasts through Akubo, calling for help — cash, food, clothes, water. Every pledge is collated, every cash donation tracked.

The responses to their e-blasts had been just as immediate. Since November, Caritas Manila has prepared thousands of relief bags and helped over 130,000 families in 10 dioceses, from Palawan to Samar. Even now, the relief assistance continues: only last month, the Church nonprofit held a fundraising concert at the Manila Cathedral to rebuild several churches in Eastern Visayas.

Like a business needs its customers, Caritas Manila knows that everything from the basics down to the little details counts if they plan to keep successful donor relationships. With Akubo, they easily maintain their donor database and their campaigns to put various projects, like the Haiyan recovery campaign, into motion.

Visit www.caritasmanila.org.ph to see what other causes they’re working on!

Sort your contacts easily by Helpful Lists

One of the things we want Akubo to do is to make work easier. When you have over a thousand names in your list, email addresses, birthdays, or profiles, it’s a challenge to sort them out by detail: who’s having their birthday next month? Who started donating since last year? Which clients do not have their email address listed in your database?

Akubo lets you get to what you need through its feature — Helpful Lists.

HLIST 1 Lists

The first list is called Find Duplicates.

HLIST 2 Find Duplicates

At one point you’re bound to have maybe two records of the same person or email address.

Perhaps you keep records of different organizations under the same listed name (e.g. The President, Manager).

Use the Find Duplicates section to clear confusion and make sure you’re reaching out to the right person or organization.


HLIST 3 Email Opt Out

The Email Opt Out section lists everyone that has unsubscribed to any email campaigns or e-newsletters that you send.


HLIST 4 Birthday

Helpful Lists also lists which donors joined last month, in 2013, or in the year before (Donors, New Donors, Lapsed Donors).

You’ll find the basics as well, like a sorted list of your contacts by birthday or gender.

HLIST 5 Donors

We designed Helpful Lists to make your workflow much easier. Now you can send out birthday greetings, plan your email marketing campaigns, make quick assessments of your database, and have more work done in less time.

4 Steps to Sending Videos Using Akubo

Online video is now the fastest growing form of advertisement. But reaching out to the whole world does not end with simply uploading your videos to sites like Youtube and then sharing them on Facebook. You need to constantly monitor and ensure that the intended recipients are aware of your promotional efforts.

Typically organizations send links to their videos via email. Some would attempt to to attach a file, but there is a limit to what you can attach in your email. Chances are, the bigger the file size, the more likely it will not be received.

Here’s how you can send videos using Akubo through a personalized message and monitor who and how many checked it out?

Step1: Compose your email. Give your email a personal touch by merging data fields. In this case, we will only use [first-name]. Hover on “? See available Data Fields” for a wide array of data fields:

More Data Fields

Step 2: Save a screenshot of your video in your Akubo My Files and insert the image in your email. (You can overlay a media play button on your photo using photo editors to make it more appealing).

Step 3: Hyperlink the inserted image to your Youtube video, as follows:

Hyperlink Image

Send to the intended recipients.

Step 4: View reports for bounce, unique opens, and opted-out.

View Email Report

Upon receipt by the client, your email appears personalized, as follows:


Makati City, Philippines

Hi John,

Akubo brings out the best from your organization!

Watch this video on how Akubo helps the advocacy of Caritas Manila, Radio Veritas, St. Paul Univ. QC Alumni Association and Tapulanga Foundation!

Akubo Brings Out the Best from Your Organization