New year, new features

The holidays are over, but things are about to get better. Over the next few months, we will be releasing several new features and enhancements to help you make this year your most productive yet. Here are 3 major updates you can expect from Akubo in 2019:

An all-new email editor. With a fresh drag-and-drop interface, you’ll be able to create, design, and preview your emails more easily and quickly — no HTML skills required.

Akubo Chat. A faster way to provide support: We’re working on a live-chat app integration that lets you talk directly with our customer support team directly from your Akubo platform.

Akubo Donor Connect. A portal where your donors or customers can track their own giving history and print receipts or invoices.

We’re also working on a new set of enhancements for the Events feature, giving Payments a design makeover, and boosting Akubo’s platform security.

Our team is always on the lookout for more ways to make Akubo easier and more effective than ever, and we’d love your input. Send us your feedback and suggestions at

Akubo V2: New Settings Page

With the release of Akubo V2, we introduced a new layout. Now, there is a new look for the Settings page. The features are still the same, but with enhancements. This is what’s new with the Settings page:


The tabs are now on the left side of the page, and the different sections under each tab are on the right side.



Opt-out Survey

When you send out emails, there is an option for your recipient to opt-out/unsubscribe from your future emails. You can create a survey to see why your recipient opted out or unsubscribed.

In Settings, go to the General Configuration tab.

Click Update, across the Opt-out Survey section.


On the Email Opt-out Survey popup, you can enable Opt-out Survey and define possible reasons.



Opt-out Survey Report

If you enabled Opt-out Survey, you can get a report that shows which contacts opted out and their reasons why.




In the new Settings, you don’t have to drag a Group to turn it into a Subgroup or to delete it.

Under the Groups tab, there are 4 buttons on each group on the list, one each to:

1. Move a Group to a Subgroup

2. View the contacts in a Group

3. Rename a Group

4. and to Delete a Group


To move a Group, click the Move icon and select the parent group on the popup.


To unlink a subgroup from its parent group, click on the Unlink icon.

Note: Only 10 smart groups are allowed per account. Smart Group is a dynamic group and it automatically group contacts that fit its query. Smart Groups created using the old Advanced Query won’t work in Akubo V2. It will still shows in the contact’s record but it won’t group new contacts. To make it work, you have to create a new smart group.


Transaction Fields

You can hide/unhide transaction fields such as categories/sub-categories, accounts, and payment methods instead of deleting them.


Manage Fundraising Campaigns

There is now a way to manage your fundraising campaigns. You can now enter data like the campaign’s amount goal, the start date, and the end date.


Version 2 is here to stay

Last March, we introduced Akubo Version 2 to our users. We had decided it was time we gave Akubo a makeover — both visually and in efficiency.

Now, the beta testing period is almost over. Come Monday, November 14, we will make the final switch to Akubo V2 for all users. This means a few things:

1. Starting next week, the Akubo V2 design will be the default look. As you already know by now, we made the biggest change to the Dashboard. It’s the first page you see after you login, and it’s important to keep it organized and easier to navigate around.

2. Welcome faster load time. In Version 1, Akubo brings up a big amount of data right after login, and this affected users with very large data sets. You can expect better loading performance in V2.

3. Akubo V2 is more touch-friendly this time, especially with the new tile design, so you can work with ease on your iPad or tablet.



FAQ: Where is the submenu?

Some users have asked if we removed the submenus from the Dashboard, like Helpful Lists or Contact Groups. Don’t worry! They’re still available: you’ll find a submenu when you click on the tile icon on the lower-right corners.

FAQ: How do I use Akubo V2?

It’s simple: click the Switch to V2 link on your Dashboard. You can still choose to use both the old and new versions, until November 14.

Akubo is always meant to be a house for your organization’s data. So think of Akubo V2 as the same house, just renovated and repainted!

We hope the new version can help you do your work better. If it doesn’t, tell us about it. Send us an email at — we’d love to hear every feedback we can get.

Happy November!

– Robin

The green, green walls of Akubo

Plain walls do little to boost the mood and fuel motivation at work, so we started August with a little makeover for our Bacolod office!

In the first room, we went for a nice apple green — a color that supposedly soothes the eyes — and a passionate orange for the second, as a nod to our other bug tracking software, Clearbugs.


Our software engineers huddle together while the second room is being painted.





Updated Akubo pricing

This year, we made a few pricing adjustments to our plans — Basic, Pro 5, and Pro 10.

Akubo Pricing

While these changes have no effect on existing Akubo users, we strive to do everything we can to keep up in a CRM landscape that keeps growing significantly since the beginning of our software, and make Akubo affordable yet uncompromisingly effective for nonprofits and organizations.

For any inquiries, our customer development manager, Ina Torrejon, would be happy to assist you via email ( or SMS (+63 917-624-1865).

Akubo V2: Multilevel relationship reports

PAU II - 1

In Reports, we have a new feature under the Relationships section: Multilevel Relationships. This feature will help you see how the people you communicate with are related to each other, and is most useful for organizations implementing a referral system for their volunteers or partners.

The first part of this feature will give you your top 10 contacts with the most number of relationships. Each item on the list will give you the contact’s name, organization/company, and relationships count.

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Akubo V2: Tasks and Cases

Earlier this month, we released Akubo V2. Though still in Beta, we opted to release it so our clients can get used to the new look and feel. The layout is different, but the features are the same, only with enhancements. One of these is Tasks & Cases.

Tasks & Cases is where you assign a task to yourself or to anyone in your team who has an Akubo account. You can decide who can see the task, its priority, due date, status (new, in-progress, done, and deferred), and the assignee/s. The V2 version lets you do more.

Pau 1

Akubo version 1 listing page for Tasks & Cases

Pau 2

Akubo version 2 listing page for Tasks & Cases

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Introducing Akubo V2

Today we turned on Akubo V2.  You’ll find the link to try out the newly designed interface on the main page.  It’s still in beta so let us know if you find any bugs or missing features that you’re used to in V1.

link to v2

Our goal for V2 is for simplification and also efficiency — and we mean efficiency not just in using the interface (e.g. finding things) but also improving the performance of the application.  In V1, we took some liberties in loading up a lot of data when you initially login to Akubo and that affected the performance for clients who have very large data sets.  So in V2, we’ve redesigned how the login works in terms of reducing the amount of data being initially loaded to speed up the load time.  And V2 is touch-friendly for tablets, so one of our goals is to make this usable for your iPad and other tablets.

In the next few weeks we’ll be introducing more specific features in V2, but here are some basics to help with getting around the new interface.

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The new Akubo is coming

Blog - New UI teaser, Draft 3

We have something special coming up this year: in the next few weeks, we’re bringing about a new design for the Akubo homepage — the first page you see after you log into your account. As you may know, the current design has been hardly untouched since we launched and, while every section serves its function perfectly fine, we’d like both functionality and good design to keep up with each other. The visual trends landscape evolves so quickly, so it is high time we adapt and give Akubo a much-needed makeover!

Blog - New UI teaser, Draft 1

Recording Soft Credits on Akubo

You can associate a transaction (donation/sale) to another contact as a soft-credit.  This is useful for example when a donation is coming through an employee matching grant and you need to record the donation as coming from the employer of your donor, but you also want to record that same donation in your donor’s record for future reference.


$500 – Employee Matching Grant for John Smith paid for by Acme Corporation

The above donation you enter as a transaction in your contact record for Acme Corporation


By recording the donation as a soft credit, the amount recorded on the donor’s record is not added to your total donation amounts, but it’s always available for reference purposes when you look-up your donors’ record.

To associate this donation as a soft-credit to another contact, bring up the donation from the donations listing page via View All Donations.  Put a checkmark on the donation and click on Select Action, and choose “Assign Soft Credit to”.


You will then see a window to find and choose the contact (donor) you want to associate the donation to (as a soft credit).  Notice there’s an amount box for assigning an amount for the soft-credit — this can be useful for checks that come in from fundraising organizations like Network for Good or the United Way where a check may represent donations from more than one donor.


Once you’ve associated the donation as a soft-credit to another donor, you can click on the Soft Credit link under View All Donations and you’ll see a listing of all your soft credit donations


You can also view the donation record of John Smith and see the soft credits referenced along with his other donations.


You can also export the soft credit transactions from the Import/Export page — click on the link for “Soft Credit Transactions to CSV”.